Hey, my name is H. L. Flynn – I like to joke I’m whatever the thing is that comes before being an amateur writer.

I created Handsome Lies to have a place to share my writing projects. I’ve enjoyed writing for a very long time but I’ve struggled to find the time in the last couple of years. Like any skill writing needs to be practiced if you want to improve, and oh boy do I need the practice.

The site is going to display a number of works such as short stories; larger projects in development; some experimental pieces to do with world building, as well as information on what I’m reading currently.

The work displayed here will be initial drafts; rough, and often unedited. The name of the game is going to be content and lots of it; quantity over quality.

That’s my initial excuse anyway – I’ll update the about section further when I think of more.

P.S: Any artwork displayed on the site has been created by artist Sam Giles, you can check out more of their work on their Redbubble account.


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